How To Keep An Eye Out For Mall Shoplifters

Whether you're a store owner or a customer, it is always frustrating to see someone shoplifting. Not only do shoplifters create higher prices, but getting something for free just isn't fair.

If you'd like to learn how to keep an eye out for mall shoplifters, consider these tips below:

Baby strollers: it is common for shoplifters to use a baby stroller to steal items. From throwing them under the stroller to hiding them in compartments, strollers can make stealing a lot easier.

Using a purse: it's also common for women to use a purse to steal items. From throwing in a necklace to putting a pair of sunglasses in their purse, purses are a great way to hide stolen items.

Fitting room: Shoplifters also tend to hide items under the clothes they say they'd like to try on. Once they get in the fitting room, they set the clothes aside and take whatever was under them.

Using children: parents may also use their children to help them steal. From telling them to carry out the item to hiding it in their stroller, parents can bring their kids in on the action.

As you can see, there are plenty of techniques used by shoplifters. To keep shoplifting to a minimum be cautious of the people mentioned above.
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Patrol Safety In Your Neighborhood

Special police and security guards are beneficial on college campuses and in shopping malls, but what about a neighborhood patrol for your community? Some communities form neighborhood watch programs where citizens help patrol the neighborhood and report any suspicious people or activity in their area. Some gated communities may have 24-hour security guards on duty. Other neighborhoods may have an unmarked police car or some kind of surveillance system in place (whether it's though technology or an actual person), but either way, it's important to know how to keep your home and community safe, especially if you don't have any kind of special police or security guards to rely on. For homeowners who want to heighten their home security, home alarm systems are a popular choice. You can find home security system reviews online to know exactly what you're looking for in a system and for protection. Many models have home automation and remote activation, so you can use your smartphone to lock your doors, control your system and even other appliances in your home such as lights, heat and A/C settings and more. If you can't check in on your home this way, or if you don't have a home alarm system (or even if you do), it's good to have a backup plan in case. Check with your local sheriff's office patrol division to find out if a vacation watch program is offered. For an added sense of security - and a free service to homeowners - a patrol officer will come by and check on your house while you're out of town. Find out if this service is available in your area for a way to help keep your community safe instead of security guards or special police patrolling your neighborhood.

When Campus Security And College Administrators Clash

Students away at college rely on their school's staff to keep them safe. They need administrators and security officers to be in agreement with each other to ensure that any viable threat to their safety is addressed and kept at bay. When these personnel disagree, the level of attention to securing the campus could be compromised. It is imperative that administrators and campus security stay focused on the same goal and try to agree with one another.

The best way that these two departments can remain in agreement may be to communicate thoroughly their goals for keeping the school secure. Many security departments need to be fully staffed; however, administrators may not be willing to spend that amount of money for new officers. When they reach an impasse, administrators and officers might need to find ways to compromise, perhaps even by hiring part-time security or freeing up money from other campus expenses.

When they cannot reach an agreement, these individuals may need to hire a negotiator. A negotiation team could help security and administrators compromise and remain focused on students' safety. Many colleges will hire third-party, neutral teams in order to achieve full objectivity and partiality on the matter.
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Spotting Suspicious Behavior At The Mall

Spotting Suspicious Behavior At The Mall

Notify The Police
Security guards are extremely beneficial and helpful for security services at the mall. First, a mall security guard is constantly on the lookout for suspicious behavior. This means they patrol the inside and outside perimeters of the mall in order to search for unusual behavior or damage. This continual searching prevents thieves, vandals and robberies from occurring. However, if you spot any suspicious behavior at the mall, you should contact the police immediately. It may waste time if you started to search for a mall security guard.

If You See A Security Guard, Get Their Attention
You should only get the attention of a security guard if they are in plain sight of a suspicious activity. Although security guards are helpful, they are not trained police officers. This is why you should notify the local police immediately if any strange behavior or illegal activity takes place. The safest thing to do in this situation is not to get involved. In fact, you may make the situation worse by trying to help in a dangerous scenario. You have no idea what will happen and this is why contacting the police is crucial.
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Sexual Assault Prevention Tips For College Campuses

Sexual assault on college campuses is more common than many people are aware. While a person who sexually assaults another is the one who is at fault, there are steps college students can take that may help to reduce the likelihood of becoming an assault victim.

When attending parties and events, students should monitor the quantity of alcohol they consume. Being intoxicated can make a person less aware of his or her personal safety and surroundings, making them more vulnerable to an attack. Underage drinking is not recommended at all, and drug use should be avoided. All students should monitor their nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages at all times as some attackers impair potential victims by discretely putting drugs in their drinks.

When traveling around campus, walking with a friend or having a security escort when possible can make a person appear to be less of an easy target to a potential attacker. This is especially true when walking around campus after dark.

Students should also avoid being in isolated areas with people they do not know or trust. Even when dating or getting to know someone, having the first few meetings in a public place can allow the involved parties to get to know and feel safe with one another. When in doubt about safety, students must know that it is better to err on the side of caution.

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How Campus Security Can Head Off A Shooting Spree

In light of the recent school shootings, campus security officers across the country have a pressing duty to keep the students and staff on their campuses safe. While many schools employ security officers who are full members of the law enforcement community and who have the authority to handle a gun and arrest criminals, people on campus may still wonder how officers can prevent a shooting at their school. School security officers have a variety of resources available to them as they protect people on campus. Their greatest resource may be the cooperation of the school and the local community.

Many students and staff may be inclined to dismiss their campus security as "rent-a-cops" and little more than glorified want-to-be policemen. However, these officers are equal to their law enforcement counterparts who work for the local police department and sheriff's office. Because they are full-fledged law enforcement professionals, it is imperative that the school community cooperate with them and provide them with information they need to keep the school safe.

These officers also are encouraged to check in with local law enforcement and take cues from them if the local police know of potential threats to the campus or students.
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Campus Security: A Great Opportunity For Retired Cops

If you have recent retired from the police force or you have decided that the cop's life is not for you, you will discover that you might be interested in working campus security. Campus security for a high school or a college might be the type of job that you are interested in. What can you expect if you choose to take a job on a campus? When you are looking at campus crime, you will find that you are dealing with a lot of cases that might affect a small to medium-sized community. Most of your job will be warning students from fairly minor infractions. You will be expected to keep a close eye out for things like substance abuse. Depending on the campus that you choose, you will also very rarely have to break up physical fights. Physical violence is more common on some campuses than on others, and because of this, you should always research where you are planning to go. In many cases, your responsibilities are going to be much more about being present than necessarily anything active. If you are looking for a job in the security field, ADT Wisconsin Home Security, make sure that you consider campus security.
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